Menucha Yankelevitch

Multidisciplinary Artist

Multidisciplinary Artist

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Each item an exclusive, unique piece of art!

Choice blocks of ancient Jerusalem stone from quarries near the Holy City provide the medium for many of Menucha’s works. This is the same type of stone that has been used since ancient times. The Kotel (the Western Wall), the walls surrounding Jerusalem, and endless private and public buildings were constructed with stone from these same quarries, and many of which are still standing yet today. Jerusalem stone is found in white, shades of soft pink, yellow and light tan, depending on the minerals embedded within it. The color and shape of each new piece inspire Menucha with the message she will use to convey. Each item is one-of-a-kind, as each raw stone is unique unto itself. Menucha’s careful carving and processing of the raw stone transform each block into an expressive piece of art.

All rights to the paintings and other works of Menucha Yankelevitch are reserved to the artist. These works, or any part of them, may not be photographed, printed or reproduced by any means, mechanical, electronic, or otherwise, without specific permission in writing from the artist.