Menucha Yankelevitch

Multidisciplinary Artist

Multidisciplinary Artist

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Hakofot at the Kotel
הקפות בכותל

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Boy with Willow Branches
נער וערבות

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Wedding in Jewish Village
חתונה בעיירה

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Blowing the Shofar
דבקות בתקיעה

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Examining Willow Branches
בדיקת ערבות

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Celebrating in Meiron
שמחה במירון

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Child Lighting a Chanukah Menorah
ילד מדליק חנוכייה

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Over the Sabbath Candles
מול נרות שבת

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Examining an Etrog
בדיקת אתרוג

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“This Shall be My Atonement …”
זו כפרתי"

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Blowing the Shofar
תקיעת שופר

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Sukkot in Batei Hungarim
סוכות בבתי הונגרים

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Lighting the Chanukah Memorah
הדלקת נרות חנוכה

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Lighting the Sabbath Candles
הדלקת נרות שבת

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Life in a Jewish Village
החיים בעיירה

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at the village

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The Blessing over the First Blossoms
ברכת האילנות

All rights to the paintings and other works of Menucha Yankelevitch are reserved to the artist. These works, or any part of them, may not be photographed, printed or reproduced by any means, mechanical, electronic, or otherwise, without specific permission in writing from the artist.

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