Menucha Yankelevitch

Multidisciplinary Artist

Multidisciplinary Artist

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works on parchment

Menucha creates exclusive works on parchment of the same high quality used for Torah scrolls. These portray Jewish themes and are accompanied by explanatory text. She offers scrolls, prayers, Eshet Chayil, Sabbath zemirot, ketubot (marriage certificates), family trees, and more.
Each work is a unique, exclusive piece of art, adorned with ornamentations, drawings, hand-crafted cutout paperwork, each conveying its own message.

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All rights to the paintings and other works of Menucha Yankelevitch are reserved to the artist. These works, or any part of them, may not be photographed, printed or reproduced by any means, mechanical, electronic, or otherwise, without specific permission in writing from the artist.

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