Menucha Yankelevitch

Multidisciplinary Artist

Multidisciplinary Artist

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Menucha Yankelevitch, a fifth-generation Jerusalemite, produces her works in a variety of media. Her paintings include both realistic representations and abstract creations in acrylics, watercolors, pencil and charcoal; she also constructs three-dimensional works and Judaica items in stone and on leather parshement.

Not surprisingly, much of Menucha’s work is
inspired by her surroundings in Israel’s holiest city. Frequent themes include the Western Wall, and enchanting scenes of the Old City with the noble, inspiring figures that abound in its streets. As her work shows us, it is the rich fabric of authentic Jewish living in the Holy City that inspires her.

Menucha trained under a number established artists, but stresses that she has learned the most important lessons of her career within the four walls of her own studio, while at work on new creations.

An earmark of Menucha’s work is the wide range of moods and messages she conveys and the varied array mediums she uses. Each new work embodies overt and hidden meanings. Light and shadow, with interplay of colors and forms, blend together into an integrated, delightful work that conveys its unique message to the viewer.
Because Menucha’s works are so varied, there is something to suit every personality. Everyone will find in Menucha’s wide range of works a style that delights his eye. The common denominator of Menucha’s works is the joie de vivre and inner tranquility they convey to the viewer. Each item expresses the contentment of self-expression of the artist who created it, and radiates the pleasure that Menucha finds in sharing her work with others.
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